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Get the Perfect Pout With Lip Blush!

Lip gloss is a cosmetic product used primarily by teenage girls and young women around the globe to give the lips shine and subtle color. Lip gloss is distributed as a viscous liquid or a soft solid. It can be translucent (clear lip gloss can be layered over regular lipstick for extra shine) or various shades of opacity, including frosted, glittery and metallic looks. The colors are almost limitless! Don't attempt this at home, leave it to the professionals>

Lip BLUSH (permanent makeup) is a gift to women who want to correct their lip shape to achieve a truly perfect finish on the face without the worry of daily makeup application. First, study the natural shape of your lips, identify the defects, if any and decide on what you want to achieve and then proceed.

See below for some great tips!

I Have a Small Mouth with Small Lips:

Small mouth with small lips? Want to achieve fuller lips? No problem! These are easily corrected by taking the lip line slightly outside the natural lip line to form a perfect shape. Lips are filled in with color for the perfect pout. A simple highlight of gloss, once healed will also create an impression of fullness.

I Have a Large Mouth with Full Lips:

Oh! Lucky you! Your lips are the natural envy of all women around! So, how do you work the lip blush on your lips for a perfect finish? By applying pigment to the entire mouth, outlining with a darker shade of lipstick just inside the natural contours of the mouth. Then apply pigment of a lighter shade carefully and accurately within this outline. Subdued shades work well for this kind of mouth. We suggest medium toned lip colors and avoid dark browns, plums, or pale shades.

I Have a Full Upper Lip:

Simply outline the upper lip just outside its natural contour. Apply a light shade of pigment all over and in the center add a touch of lip highlight ( a lighter shade of pigment). Outline just inside its natural contour. Then fill in with a darker shade of pigment.

Once healed, just gloss and go. You can also opt to leave a matte lip.

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